“Gideon King’s picturesque originals form a perfect soundtrack for one’s thoughts and due to their subtlety and richness, they stick in one’s mind long after the CD ends.”

– L.A. Jazz Times

Scott Yanow, author of ten books including Jazz On Record 1917-76, Jazz On Film and The Jazz Singers

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Saul Kurtz in Collaboration with Gideon King

Saul Kurtz
Gideon King

New and beautiful is what happens when a brilliantly talented and soulful singer/songwriter plugs into the sonic current of a funk and fusion guitar player and composer; Kurtz and King have moved beyond genre to make music that matters.

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Track #1 Back to my Old Ways

Back to my old Ways





Gideon King - Gentrification


Gideon king has recorded with some of the world’s finest musicians to create unique structured fusion compositions. After his last fusion release with John Scofield as a sideman, King has moved on to compose GENTRIFICATION, a Latin funk tune featuring an incredible cast of musicians.

Gideon King
Donny McCaslin
James Genus
Willard Dyson
Mike Moreno

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Gideon King 2:14 AM

2:14 AM

Gideon King’s musical journey continues. His new release, 2:14 AM, marks his exploration of structured jazz. Whereas his previous release, Revisiting Spaces, was a contemplative and largely solo move through acoustic fusion, 2:14 AM, is a collaboration amongst four fine musicians. Gideon is joined by legendary fusion guitar player John Scofield, well-known Willard Dyson on drums, and hard groovin bassist Gregory Jones. On this track Gideon plays a nylon string acoustic, a guitar synth, and an electric jazz guitar. Scofield’s funky modernism and quirky tonal manipulations are interwoven into this funk hit.

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Revisiting Spaces

Revisiting Spaces is a largely acoustic exploration of fusion, jazz, and folk concepts. Gideon King plays various guitars including nylon strings, multi-strings, and electrics to craft a contemplative soundscape.

The Summary of Regret

The Summary Of Regret ex

The Axes of Dake

The Axes Of Dake ex

Revisiting Spaces

Revisiting Spaces ex

Fusion Confusion

Fusion Confusion ex

Estoy De Acuerdo

Estoy De Acuerdo ex

All The Way Back

All The Way Back2 ex

Four Variations For Diane

Four Variations ex

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